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The 3 C’s: The Advantages of Living on Your College Campus

So you are off to college in the fall. You can’t wait to be an independent adult. And, if your college doesn’t require students to live on campus that first year, it may be tempting to dream about living off-campus. While you should always consider all of your options, there are many good reasons why students should live on campus. These advantages can be broken down into the 3 C’s:

Convenience One of the greatest things about living on campus is the fact that there is no travel time involved. Time is precious when you are a college student, so the fact that classes, libraries and computer labs are all close by is a real plus. The time saved can be used for studying or enjoying time with friends. All colleges strive to provide students with a microcosm of a town—just about anything a student could need or want is nearby. This includes shops, clinics, gyms, and in some cases, even movie theatres or bowling alleys. Living on campus also simplifies life since there is no need to pay bills to various companies each month because housing and dining costs are included in college fees. Even though the cost of living on campus may seem steep, the convenience is well worth it. Students don’t have to worry about getting groceries, making their own meals, trying to find roommates, driving in heavy traffic, etc. When they need something, it is just a short walk to get it…whatever it might be.
Connections You may have heard people say that they made friends at college who turned out to be life-long friends. These types of deep connections are more likely to occur when a student lives on campus because there are so many opportunities to engage with others. Students can also easily gain access to the campus recreation center for physical activities, including classes and intermural sports, where they can meet new people. Being on campus also allows for easier access to club meetings and special events hosted by the college. Furthermore, many college students, even freshmen, work while going to school. Living on campus provides connections to all types of service jobs for students. Working on campus benefits students because the jobs are close by and they typically close down for all major breaks, so there is no need to locate a different job when each new semester begins. Campus employers also understand that students are there to learn, so they tend to be understanding of schedule changes and other needs of college students. Overall, living on campus allows students connect with others who have similar interests and goals.
Contentment While each college and student is different, national studies show that students who live on campus are generally happier with their overall college experience. The reason for this is most likely due to the ease of being actively involved in college life. Additionally, first year students who live on campus have higher GPA’s than students who live off-campus, and they also have higher graduation rates. Living on campus, especially for the first year, can make the transition to college life and adulthood easier. Students are less isolated and more involved in the many types of social and academic activities on a college campus when they live in the middle of it all. So while living off campus may sound like fun, another look at the college residence halls should be considered.


The 3 C’s: The Advantages of Living on Your College Campus {life}